Crunching The Ideas ...

Anas Shehade

Founder and Managing Director

He served in the Greater Amman Municipality in 2010 as the team leader of the e-learning project. Later on and through his experience that incorporated both the business and artistic realms he noticed that there is a huge gap between art and business to solve this difficulty Pestle Studio came up which is represented by its logo the brain shaped Pestle which combines more than one element to come up with the perfect artistic business solutions.    

 A while later juggling his job at the municipality and his passion Pestle Studio seemed like impossible therefore he decided to quit his job and give his undivided attention for Pestle Studio.

Pestle Studio’s very first project was a full 3D shot movie about The Battle of Karama in 2013 which was broadcasted on the Jordanian Television. His next project was a Docudrama about Al-Za’atari camp for Syrian refugees and how they lead their lives in the camp the film was in collaboration with the Canadian ICRC “International Committee of the Red Cross” and was broadcasted on BBC Canada.

Pestle Studio’s performance was put to the test with this one project which is Mustakshif Falasteen (Palestine Explorer) as it required integrating GIS “Geographical Information Systems” with marketing which is a challenge that was never done before. Against all odds Mustakshif Falasteen was executed and delivered to the customer and we start working on Mustakshif Falasteen (branding part) from 2016 until now.

Later on many projects followed in Jordan and the GCC area including but not limited to the UAE and KSA in 2017 and because of the growing GCC market Anas lead the founding of a new Pestle Studio Office in Dubai in order to be closer to his clients in the GCC area enabling him to provide them with Pestle Studio’s unmatched services.   

Ahmad Izzate

Graphic Design Expert & Project Manager

Ahmad is one of our unique team members he has more than 20 years of experience and a briliant innovative mind which is filled with creativity and pure ideas.

Core Values